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How to Cut the Cord

Jena Turner

Recognized as a company Top Producer year after year, Jena Turner is consistently growing her business with record sales.  With a background in f...

Recognized as a company Top Producer year after year, Jena Turner is consistently growing her business with record sales.  With a background in f...

Sep 30 3 minutes read

In this digital age, new technologies are changing the way we live out our everyday routines, including the way we watch tv! If you're on the fence about adapting to this new trend of streaming and "a la carte" cable services, or if you're looking to save some money here are a few things that you should consider.

Watch Local Channels & Live Sporting Events

You need a good HD antenna to get local stuff...including your hometown sports team. 

Typically live sports will be played on local channels which in most cases can be easily picked up by an indoor HD Antenna. Find out how the antenna reception in your area fares by using this HD Antenna analysis tool -

If you’d like to go the eco-friendly route, The Mohu Relief Antenna is made of recycled, post-consumer cardboard and and chlorine free colors, just like the packaging it comes in. At around $35 dollars, this antenna is the only product on the market that’s primed for 4k signals. -

For a more discreet look, you may be interested in the Clear Stream Eclipse. This circular design offers an adhesive material on each side and can easily be placed on your window or wall and painted over. The antenna is multidirectional, meaning it is more likely to pick up a signal even when not aimed precisely and can be mounted virtually anywhere. Ranging from $40-60 this antenna is Amazon Prime eligible and will arrive at your day in just a few days. 

SMART TVs & Streaming Devices

If you’ve purchased your television set after 2009, chances are your tv already includes access to apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Roku, Sling, etc. With these apps, you could easily stay caught up with your favorite shows while also being entertained with original series’ such as Orange is the New Black. With a service like Sling you can purchase channels “a la carte” paying for only the shows that you watch. The base package starts at $25 but additional packages can be added on typically for about $5 per additional package.

If you don’t have a smart tv then the best solution would be a streaming device such as a chromecast, roku, or firestick. These devices give you all the perks of a smart tv at a much more affordable price tag.

Once You've Made the Switch

Other than having to switch between different apps not much is affected except for your bill. Even with upgraded internet service (to accommodate all of the streaming you might be doing) your bill is still significantly lower

In conclusion, it will take some exploring and experimenting to decide which options are right for you, but in the end, you'll find that it was worth the trouble.

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