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A Few of Our Favorite Things

This week we posted a video sharing a few of our favorite things to have around our home and office. We've compiled all of those things into this blog post to make it easily accessible to you! Let us know if you purchase any of these products. We'll be giving away a few of these products to those of you who commented on our live video.

Ring Spotlight Camera W/Battery 

Unlike the ring doorbell camera, this model doesn't need to be hardwired to your doorbell and instead can be placed in any area around your home. It's motion activated, allowing you to receive notifications anytime it senses movement. High definition picture quality with two way audio system, allowing you to speak through the device as well as hear what's going on. Purchase it HERE for $199

Amazon Alexa 

Alexa syncs to many apps that could be used to turn on the lights, lock the doors, adjust the thermostat, view video feeds, etc.  Instantly drop in on other rooms in your home or make an announcement to every room with a compatible Echo device. Use voice commands to play music, make a phone call, ask a question, check the weather. Alexa does it all! Get it HERE starting at $49.99

Kwikset Powerbolt 2

This Kwikset Powerbolt offers security for your home while also offering easy access to those whom you allow inside your home. Someone loses their key? No problem! Input the code on the key pad and get instant access without any hassle (although, you should definitely find your key.)  Purchase it HERE for $47.66

Stanley Precision Screw Drivers

These little tools are super handy to have around the house! They'll work for laptops, cell phones, any small but valuable items that might need repair. Get them HERE for only $7.70

USB Wall Outlets

Cant find the wall plug-in for your charger? Plug your USB cord directly into the port on these USB Wall Outlets. These will be a favorite in your home, and once you realize how convenient they are, you probably won't go back to standard outlets. Purchase a pack of two HERE for $20.99

Monkey Hooks

Hang anything (Up to 50 lbs.) in just a matter of seconds! These hooks are fun to use, minimally invasive, and lightweight while being super strong. Get them HERE for only $11.99 

Gold Wall Frames

The modern gold finish of these wall frames give a luxe feel while still being affordable. The added grooves to the hardware make it easy to hang this lightweight metal both horizontally and vertically. Get it HERE starting at $15.99

HDX 6-in-1 ScrewDriver 

This tool has been such an asset to us here in our office. Whether it comes to a staging emergency, or something needs a quick fix, we'll most likely be using this tool one way or another. Its 6-in-1 capability is so easy to travel with! And the bright orange color makes it easy to find in a pinch. With 2 flatheads, 2 philips screw heads and a 1/4 hex it's super versatile. Get it HERE for only $3.47  

Hair & Skin Conditioner

This hair and skin conditioner is vegan & soy free, only has 7 ingredients, and is so nourishing for your hair and skin. The versatility makes it a great gift for anyone! it can be used as a beard oil, conditioner, detangler and even as shave lotion! . Get it HERE starting at $9.00

Theives by Young Living 

This line of essential oils and natural cleaning supplies has no toxic chemicals and is completely safe to use anywhere in your home. It's a great alternative to harsh products but offers an effective cleaning power with an aromatic scent that you'll love! Create a calming atmosphere with their blend of essential oils. Get it HERE with products starting at $11.18  

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